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Productivity! Tools and Improvements

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The following tools are available after installing Productivity! . Please note that exact set of tools included depend on edition; the Pro! mark highlights tools available in Productivity!  Pro only.

All tools offered by Productivity!  belong to the following groups:

Please refer the table below to find more about content of these groups. Also, there you can find short description of every tool included into Productivity!  

Tool Purpose

Code Generation Tools

Pro! Delegate.Insight
Delegate.Insight provides an easy way to generate methods, which implementations are delegated to another object (delegate).
Pro! Introduce.Constructor
Introduce.Constructor allows easy generation of constructors intended to initialize appropriate fields of the class.
Class.Insight Class.Insight allows quick finding Java classes with short names matching the word at the cursor position, and inserting the class name found into the caret position along with its import statement.
Implement.Insight Implement.Insight allows quick finding Java classes with short names matching the word at the cursor position and using them either as a super interface or as a super class.
Override.Insight Override.Insight allows quick finding methods to override with names matching the word at the cursor position or a typed word, and overriding them into the class at the cursor position.
Constructor.Insight Constructor.Insight allows quick overriding class constructors.
Easy.JavaDoc Easy.JavaDoc allows easy and convenient generating templates for JavaDoc comments for a particular method or class.
Smart.Instantiate Smart.Instantiate is an additional Class.Insight functionality that allows adding instantiation of a particular class or interface.
GetSet.Creator GetSet.Creator is a tool that allows easy creation of accessors and/or mutators for selected fields of a class.

Power Tools

Pro! Assistant
The set of assistants those show information about the particular issue and/or list of possible actions to complete.
Pro! Rename Assistant
This tool simplifies identifiers renaming by introducing "in-place" rename approach.
Pro! Task List
The Task List is a tool that allows viewing and managing the list of tasks, code issues and to-do's.
Pro! Advanced To-Do's
The Advanced To-Do's tool is further expansion of the To-Do comments concept by treating them as tasks with set of attributes like priority, status, owner etc.
Pro! Smart.Templates
The Smart.Templates is advanced template engine that provides set of sophisticated features, like linked fields, calculated fields; expression and functions supports. It introduces advanced code templates those can be easily adapted to particular coding style coding style.
Pro! Smart.JavaDoc
The Smart.JavaDoc tool is additional viewer for Java file node that offers JavaDoc authoring in mode that is very close to WYSIWYG one.

Editor Enhancements

The Smart.Braces is a tool that allows easy creation of closing braces while you are typing.
Pro! Code Folding Enhancements Ability to fold JavaDoc comments and collapse all of them (by using special button on the view toolbar.
Pro! Classes Highlight Allows highlighting classes used in the code.
Pro! Thumbnail Gutter
The Thumbnail Gutter represents additional gutter placed near vertical scrollbar of editor pane and allows showing gutter marks for the whole source file as well as navigate to them.
Pro! Smart.Clipboard
The Smart.Clipboard represents several tools used for provide more efficient clipboard operations. These tools include clipboard management, swapping context of clipboard with current selection, inserting pasted Java code with correct indent along with required import statements etc.
Pro! Smart.Gutter
The Smart.Gutter is additional gutter placed near standard JBuilder editor gutter and is used for showing various hints concerning corresponding code in editor by arranging appropriate gutter marks.
Pro! Smart.Braces.Highlight
The Smart.Braces.Highlight tool providers matching braces highlight and navigation operations as well as showing code fragment that corresponds to appropriate brace.
Pro! Matching.Code.Highlight
The Matching.Code.Highlight tool performs highlighting of code matching to one at caret position as well as displaying appropriate code fragment in the popup window.
Pro! Changes Highlight
The Changes Highlight Highlights changed lines if Java source on the gutter.
Pro! Methods and Classes Separator
The Methods and Classes Separator tool visually separates classes and methods from each other by painting horizontal line at the top of declaration.
Pro! Current Line Highlight
The Current Line Highlight tool highlights the line under cursor in the current editor with appropriate background color.
Pro! Smart.Selection
The Smart.Selection tool offers sophisticated code selection functionality that is based on n structure of Java program. It allows expanding/narrowing selection incrementally using appropriate code elements as well as quickly selection of whole statement, code block, method or class.
Pro! Advanced Text View Status Bar
The Advanced Text View Status Bar represents a replacement of standard component that allows viewing of class and method for current caret position, caret offset, and lines count.

IDE Improvements

Pro! Project View Synchronizer
This tool provides functionality for synchronizing of currently active file with the corresponding node in the JBuilder Project View.
Pro! Java Structure Synchronizer
The Java Structure Synchronizer allows synchronizing the  Java Structure View with current caret position in the editor.
Pro! Change.ReadOnly
The Change.ReadOnly allows easy viewing and managing the read-only status for file nodes.

Navigation Tools

Pro! Persistent.Bookmarks
ThePersistent.Bookmarks tool offers advanced bookmarks functionality. These bookmarks are persistent between sessions of JBuilder, are associated not only with editor, but also with file and JBuilder project.
Pro! View Navigator
The View Navigator tool allows quick navigation by source elements (classes, methods, fields), issues/errors, editing points or search results.
Pro! Navigator.Insight
The Navigator.Insight is specialized insight used for quick controlling of View Navigator.
Browse.Insight allows quick finding Java classes with short names matching the word at the cursor position and browsing them or the appropriate help topics.
Browse.Members allows quick finding members belonging to the current discovered context and browsing them.
Hyperlinks.Navigate is a tool that allows easy and convenient navigation through symbols definitions basing on the concept of hyperlinks.
Pro! Search Results and References Highlight
This tool is intended to highlight in the editor various things found during search or find references operations.
Pro! Local References Highlight
This tool allows finding local references of the symbol under caret and highlighting them.

Information Tools

Hyperlinks.Help allows easy and convenient viewing help topics for particular symbols.
Help.Insight allows easy viewing help topics, if any, for the identifier at the caretposition. Also, it provides quick help for items shown in JBuilder built-in Member Insight and Productivity!  insights.
Context.Insight is a tool that allows you to check context of the current cursor position. Context.Insight collects information about all classes and methods and shows it using the insight popup window.