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Productivity! Professional Edition History

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v. 2.5 for JBuilder 2005

  1. Spell Check (Pro) - a new tool that allows check spelling of Java files. Spell Check can be configured using the Editor Preferences | Productivity | Spell Check property page. It can be easy turned on/off using a button on the View Toolbar at the bottom of the editor. Spell Check tool includes:
    • Background check spelling ability with misspellings highlighting and correction assistance.
    • Auto correction of common mistakes.
    • Ability to check spelling of identifiers' names by correctly finding words in each name using "case" of "underscore" notation.
    • Ability to check spelling of JavaDoc comments while skipping HTML tags.
    • Ability to check string literals.
    • Ability to use and maintain User Dictionary.
    • Three bundled dictionaries: English - USA, English - UK, English - Canada.
    • The Spell Check Dialog to get full control over spelling checking and issues fixing. It can be invoked using Ctrl+Alt+F7 shortcut or using a button on the JBuilder toolbar.
  2. Full support of JBuilder 2005.
  3. Speed tuning and various minor quality and usability improvements.
  4. Assistant
    • Added ability to fix JavaDoc errors.
    • Added ability to auto fix "Ambiguous Names" issues. The Project | Properties | Productivity | Assistant | Ambiguous Names Resolve Policy group allows specifying exactly which class should be used in each particular case.

v. 2.0 for JBuilder X

  1. Code Analyzer
    • Restored ability to discover hiding of fields by other fields
      or variables.
    • Restored ability to discover non-empty case statements without
      a break.
    • Added ability to discover code block hiding by semicolon after
      the if, for and while statements.
  2. Added up-to-date User Manual and online help documentation.
  3. Minor improvements and defect fixes.

v. 2.0 Beta 4 for JBuilder X

  1. Search Results and References Highlight - a new tool intended to highlight in the editor various things found during search or find references operations (those things should be listed in the message pane as well). To place highlights the special button on the view toolbar should be used. If nothing selected in the message pane this tool uses the most recent search results related to the current file. But it's possible to exactly specify result set to highlight by selecting root node in the search tree (e.g. "Direct usages" or "Declarations"). To navigate through the highlights usual Navigator keys (Ctrl+PgUp/PgDown (CUA)) are used.
  2. Help.Insight
    • Added support of multilingual documentation.
    • Improved parsing procedure to better support of 1.4.x style documentation.
  3. Navigator
    • Added ability to highlight and navigate the local references of the symbol under the caret. It's possible to use Navigator.Insight to start navigation or use the Ctrl+Alt+Enter (CUA) keyboard shortcut.
  4. Minor improvements and defect fixes.

v. 2.0 Beta 3 for JBuilder X

  1. Classes Highlight - a new tool intended to highlight classes used in the code. This tool uses "Extra keyword" style so to see it in action please customize this style (to make it different from "Identifier" style) using the Editor Preferences | Editor | Color | Java property page. By default all (*) classes are highlighted but it's possible to specify which classes should be highlighted (e.g. java.*;javax.*;) for each project using the Project Properties | Productivity | Tools property page.
  2. Rename Assistant -improved behavior and fixed some issues.
  3. Minor improvements and defect fixes.

v. 2.0 Beta 2 for JBuilder X

  1. Rename Assistant - a new tool intended to simplify identifiers renaming. It introduces "in-place" editing approach and let the user to enter a new name and then choose whether hi/she likes to refactor, simply rename or skip changes of identifier name. To see Rename Assistant in action just place the caret to an identifier you wish to rename and start renaming it. After typing new name it's possible to:
    • Press the Enter key to rename identifier using refactoring procedures.
    • Press the Ctrl+Enter key to simply rename identifier.
    • Press the Esc key to skip any changes.
    It's possible to tune Rename Assistant behavior using the Editor Preferences | Productivity!  | Assistant property page. There is ability to quickly turn assistant on/off using the Enable Rename Assistant button on the view toolbar. Please note that Rename Assistant works only if there are no errors in the source code.
  2. Added ability to show scope lines for all scopes of entire file that can simplify code reading and understanding in many cases. This functionality can be turned on/off using the Show Scope Lines button on the view toolbar.
  3. Minor improvements and defect fixes.

v. 2.0 Beta 1 for JBuilder X

  1. General
    • Significantly improved memory handling and overall performance;
    • Added JBuilderX support;
    • Lots of minor improvements and defect fixes;
  2. Code Assistant
    • Added ability to automatically fix certain types of errors. This functionality can be turned on/off using the Editor Preferences | Productivity!  | Assistant property page. The following errors currently can be automatically fixed:
      • Type cast errors - by adding required type cast.
      • Unknown class errors - by adding appropriate import statement. It's possible to fine tune this behavior using the Project Properties | Productivity!  | Assistant | Auto Import pane.
    • Added ability to specify a list of most frequently used classes using the Project Properties | Productivity!  | Assistant property page. Such list is used to determine particular class to import in case of existence of several different candidates;
    • Added ability to popup and focus Code Assistant using Alt-Enter (CUA) keystroke
    • Added ability to choose fix actions in focused Code Assistant using usual keyboard navigation and addition to shortcuts
    • Improved support of JBuilder built-it fix actions
  3. Smart Gutter
    • Improved space handling by reserving personal column for each certain types of gutter marks to minimize their overlapping;
    • Added gutter marks for highlighting break, return and throw statements;
  4. Code Folding
    • Added ability to fold JavaDoc comments;
    • Added ability to collapse all JavaDoc comments (by using special button on the view toolbar);
  5. Navigator
    • Added ability to navigate through all methods of all classes within source file;
    • Added ability to navigate through both classes and methods;

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