Hyperlink.Help is a tool that allows easy and convenient viewing help topics for particular symbols.

To invoke Hyperlink.Help, press and hold the ALT key and point the mouse over the identifier, which you need help with. The identifier becomes a hyperlink, and if you press the left mouse button, the built-in JBuilder help is shown for it.

If you place the mouse over the identifier with the ALT key pressed, after some delay the Help.Insight popup appears that contains exact help about the symbol under the cursor.

Hyperlink.Help hyperlink for identifier under cursor
Hyperlink.Help popup window with help for identifier

Options Dependency

You may customize delays used for invocation and closing of the Hyperlink.Help popup window Help.Insight options on the Editor Option | Productivity! | Delays property page. Also, you may specify if Hyperlink.Help should be invoked during debug session using the Invoke insights during debugging option on the Editor Option | Productivity | Usage property page.

See also: Productivity! Tools, Customizing Productivity!