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Productivity! reasons to buy

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The reasons to buy Productivity!  are pretty clear:

Your code writing productivity will increase by up to 50%

The name Productivity! reflects it's main goal - increasing development productivity. Our statistics confirm the effectiveness of our product..  Based upon our own, as well as our customers’ experience, development productivity improves anywhere from 30% to 50%, depending on the project complexity, tasks and customers' knowledge.

Productivity!  offers unbeatable features-to-price ratio

Productivity!  offers an unprecedented set of excellent tools in one, single package. R eturn on your can be seen in just a few weeks.  Productivity !  offers you one of the best ROI in the software industry.

You'll be able to protect your investments

As a registered Productivity!  user you'll be entitled to free updates and support for  any subsequent minor version releases. Even after a major version release, you'll be able to upgrade with an impressive discount.

You'll be able to write better quality code

By using a rich set of Productivity!   code generation tools, you'll be able to write clean, highly modular, easily expandable and well maintained code. You can concentrate on system design, employing your favorite design patterns and code quality rather than on routine code operations .

You'll learn and comprehend third-party or legacy code more thoroughly and at a quicker pace

The speed with which developers understand and learns legacy or third-party code is critical in the rapid start of new development and its ensuing success. The rich navigation and information capabilities of Productivity! will enable you to learn, understand and use this type of code as you type!

You'll be able to write bulletproof, professional documentation for your code

Writing programming documentation is a very important element of the development process and its quality can be a major factor in the success of team based development. Using  Productivity! , you'll be able to prepare bulletproof documentation with less effort and in a shorter period of  time. You can also employ rich formatting capabilities to decorate your documentation and increase its readability, look and feel.

You'll be able to suggest new features or change existing ones

Productivity!  is a product written by professional developers exclusively for professional developers. Its functionality is based on our own experience and understanding of the developers' needs, and on the tremendous feedback and suggestions of hundreds of Productivity!  customers and Java developers. However, if you have your own ideas and want to offer new functionality, or would like to improve an existing one, please contact us! We'll be happy to work with you to continue adding the best ideas to our task list and offer them in Productivity!  

You'll be able to report any found defects and get prompt solutions for them

We aim to offer products with the best possible quality. To achieve this goal, we carefully investigate any problems reported by our QA's and customers. All confirmed and reproduced defects are saved in our defect tracking system to ensure that no defects are missed or lost.


Buy Productivity!