Smart.Clipboard - Pro!

This tool introduces the replacement for standard clipboard actions and offers a number of improvements and new features.

Paste Action

In general, this action acts as usual Paste action but, in addition, also allows making the following actions:

Copy/Cut Actions

In general, those actions acts as usual Copy/Cut actions but they allows making the following additional actions:

Swap Action

This action allows swapping the content of the clipboard with currently selected block of code. It can be invoked using the Ctrl+Shift+Insert (CUA) shortcut.

Pop Paste Action

This action allows consecutive popping and pasting of code fragments from the local clipboard history in the LIFO order. It can be invoked using the Ctrl+Alt+Insert (CUA) shortcut.


This tool allows viewing of local clipboard queue and pasting one or several selected fragments in the editor. When editing a file, press Alt+Shift+V (CUA) to invoke Clipboard.Insight. The Clipboard.Insight popup will be shown with the list of code fragments copied/cut to clipboard during the JBuilder session.

Clipboard.Insight popup window
Clipboard.Insight popup window

You can select a code fragment navigating through the list with the help of the usual keyboard.

Clipboard.Insight list supports multiselection feature, thus it's possible to paste several items at once. To do this, select the code fragments should be pasted using the Ctrl key and mouse and then press the Enter key - Clipboard.Insight will insert all selected items.

It's possible to control the order of inserted items. Holding Shift while pressing Enter will lead to inserting selected items in reverse order.

Options Dependency

You can control the behavior of Smart.Clipboard using the Editor Options | Productivity! | Tools property page.

See also: Productivity! Tools , Customizing Productivity!