Context.Insight is a tool that allows you to check context of the current cursor position. Context.Insight collects information about all classes and methods and shows it using the Insight popup window.

To invoke Context.Insight please use the Ctrl+Q (CUA) shortcut.

Sample of Context.Insight hint
Sample of Context.Insight hint

Another feature supported by Context.Insight is navigation. If you place the mouse cursor over an identifier within the Context.Insight popup window, the hyperlink appears and activation of hyperlink leads to navigation to the identifier.

NOTE: In some cases (particularly, within classes with significant amount of inner classes), the Context.Insight may display only upper class information. Such behavior is explained by definite limitations of the JBuilder JOT subsystem that can require significant amount of time (up to tens of seconds) to retrieve information about the inner classes. To avoid hang-up of JBuilder, the time required for context information gathering was limited to a specified number of time. So, if JOT provides no data within this interval, only upper class information is provided. The same reason may cause relatively slow performance of Context.Insight if the cursor is on the white space between class methods. The same limitations may affect other tools using the same functionality (Override.Insight, Implement.Insight ).

Options Dependency

You can specify Context Discovering Timeout using the Editor Options | Productivity! | Delays property page.

See also: Productivity! Tools, Customizing Productivity!