Browse.Members allows quick finding members belonging to the current discovered context and browsing them.

Browse.Members popup window
Browse.Members popup window

Press Alt+Minus (CUA) when editing a file to invoke Browse.Members Insight. The Browse.Members popup will be shown with the list of members (either classes, methods or fields) matching the word at the cursor position. The list may be empty if there are no matching members though. To find matches, type the word in the Browse Member edit box and Browse.Members will dynamically rearrange the members' list to show the matching ones. You can also leave the Browse.Members edit box blank to view all the members for navigation purposes.

Browse.Members highlights the members with names exactly matching the typed word using bold font and abstract methods using italic font.

You can select a member navigating through the list with the help of the usual keyboard. An alternative way to do it is to continue typing the word; the list selection will be changed to produce the closest match possible.

Press Enter when selecting a member and Browse.Members will browse it.

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