Help.Insight is a tool allowing you to easily view help topics, if any, for an identifier or a member within the current context in the cursor position. Help is shown in a convenient popup window. Help.Insight extracts and displays information relating to a particular code only - for example, for a particular method, not for all classes.

Sample of Help.Insight popup
Sample of the Help.Insight popup

To invoke Help.Insight for a symbol at the cursor position, place the cursor over the identifier for which you need help and press Shift+F1 (CUA).

To invoke Help.Insight for a member within the current context, place the cursor in the bounds of a method or class for which you need help and press the Alt+F1 (CUA) shortcut. Help.Insight shows the appropriate JavaDoc help topic, if any, or tries to find and show the appropriate one for a super class or method in other case. 

Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane at the top of the popup shows different gadgets intended to control the popup. You can use the Back and Forward buttons (or Alt+Left and Alt+Right keys, respectively) to navigate through the help topics history or you can use the Open the Whole Topic button to open the complete help topic in the Help Viewer window. The Context label shows the context or an HTML file name depending on the ability to resolve any.


An alternative way to invoke Help.Insight is to use Hyperlink.Help by placing the mouse cursor over an identifier for which you need help while holding the ALT button. In this case, for space-saving purposes, the Help.Insight popup doesn't show the Navigation Panel . It will only be shown after activating any hyperlink within the popup window.

Integration with Other Insights

Another feature of Help.Insight is integration with JBuilder built-in MemberInsight and other Productivity! Insights. If such an integration is enabled, the popup window of Help.Insight will be automatically shown for a currently selected item in Member Insight or a Productivity! Insight popup. You can also force showing Help.Insight for a selected item using Shift+F1 (CUA) shortcut.

Sample of Member Insight with Help.Insight invoked
Sample of Member Insight with Help.Insight invoked

Options Dependency

You may enable integration of Help.Insight with other Insights using Help.Insight options on the Editor Options | Productivity! | Usage property page. To specify delays of Help.Insight invocation you can use the Editor Options | Productivity! | Delays property page.

See also: Productivity! Tools, Customizing Productivity!