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Productivity!  Animated Presentations (viewlets)

Animated presentations on this page demonstrate some of the major functionality offered by Productivity! . In addition, you can view Productivity! screenshots illustrating some of theProductivity! tools.

Presentation Name Short Description

This presentation is used to highlight power of the code generation tools offered by Productivity! . These tools are intended to simplify routine operations such as:

  • Inserting appropriate import statements for class (using short class name);
  • Implementing interface or extending class;
  • Overriding methods;
  • Creation of constructor with the same signature as one defined in super class;
  • Instantiation of variable;
  • Creating of getter/setter methods;
  • Creating of constructor used to initialize set of class fields;
  • Creating of proxy delegate methods which calls methods of a class member;
  • Creation of default JavaDoc comment;
  • Import statements optimization.
This presentation allows you to evaluate features of the Smart.Templates tool, which is the advanced code templates engine with the ability to live update related fields while typing.
The Advanced To-Do's tool is a further expansion of the To-Do comments concept by treating them as tasks with a set of attributes like priority, status, owner, etc. The Task List is a tool that allows viewing and managing the list of tasks, code issues and To-Do's.
Please use this presentation to find what Advanced To-Do's and Task List can do for you.

The overall efficiency of the developer greatly depends on the source code editor. That is why Productivity!  includes several tools to enhance built-in JBuilder editor and allows Productivity!  users to gain even higher level of efficiency.

This presentation highlights editor enhancements offered by Productivity! . These enhancements are separated by several categories:

  • Code editing improvements;
  • Matching elements highlights;
  • Matching.Code.Highlight tools;
  • Usability improvements;
  • Editor look and feel improvements;

Productivity!  offers several powerful JBuilder IDE improvements, intended to increase JBuilder usability. These tools cover very common tasks and significantly minimizes completion time.

View this presentation to understand how these tools help solve the following tasks:

  • Synchronization of currently opened file with the appropriate node in the JBuilder Project View;
  • Getting more detailed information about Java file structure as well as filtering of Java Structure content;
  • Synchronization of the current caret position in the editor with Java code of the appropriate structure element;
  • Quickly obtain information about read-only status of file and changing its status if nessesary;
Productivity!  offers a rich set of powerful tools intended to simplify navigation and quickly locating required information.

There are several types of navigation supported:
  • Navigation to appropriate class using short class name;
  • Quick navigation to appropriate member of Java Class;
  • Navigation to particular symbol definition;
  • Navigation to appropriate persistent bookmark in editor;
  • Navigation and iteration to source code element (class, method, fields) code issue, to-do comment or search result;
Using this presentation you can discover how easy navigation can be!
Productivity!  includes several advanced tools that instantly allows you to get information about required Java source code element.

This presentation highlights features of Productivity!  Information Tools.

With Productivity!  Information Tools you can:
  • Easily view help topic for the identifier in the caret position;
  • Get instant help on selected item in JBuilder Code Insight;
  • Get full information about context of source code in the current caret position;