Easy.JavaDoc is a tool that allows easy and convenient generating of templates for JavaDoc comments on particular methods or classes (except for the anonymous ones).


To invoke Easy.JavaDoc, place the cursor within a method or class for which you want to generate JavaDoc and press CTRL+D (CUA). JavaDoc comment will be automatically inserted just before the method. Since the method comments contain tags for all declared fields, exceptions can be thrown by the method. That's really easy!


Easy.JavaDoc.Insight popup window

Easy.JavaDoc.Insight allows choosing of several methods or classes for JavaDoc generation. Press Ctrl+Shift+D (CUA) to invoke Easy.JavaDoc.Insight. The Easy.JavaDoc.Insight popup will be shown with the list of members (methods and/or classes) matching the word typed in the Members edit box. The list may be empty if there are no matching members though. To find matches, type a word in the Members edit box and Easy.JavaDoc.Insight will dynamically rearrange the members' list to show the matching ones. If you leave the Members edit box blank, all members within the current context are shown.

Note: unlike other Insights, Easy.JavaDoc.Insight doesn't merely employ the word at the cursor position; it rather uses the name for the method or class at the cursor position. This approach allows easy generation of JavaDoc comments for the method or class at the cursor position.

You can select a member navigating through the list with the help of the usual keyboard. An alternative way to do it is to continue typing the word; the list selection will be changed to produce the closest match possible.

On selecting the members press Enter to generate JavaDoc covering all of them.

Options Dependency

You can adjust content of JavaDoc generated by Easy.JavaDoc using Project Options | Productivity! | Easy.JavaDoc options. By default, Easy.JavaDoc generates @return, @param and @throws tags. You may also specify that it should generate also @author, @see and @since tags. To enable or disable their generation, please open Project Options | Productivity! | Easy.JavaDoc property page and select appropriate check boxes.
Please note that if you select generation of @author tag, the Easy.JavaDoc inserts the tag's value as it is specified on the Project Properties | General property page.

In addition, on the same page you can specify the policy to be used by Easy.JavaDoc if JavaDoc comment already exists for method or class. Based on your selection, Easy.JavaDoc can overwrite old comments, skip generation or ask your confirmation on comments rewriting. Note that these options may affect the membersí list content in Easy.JavaDoc.Insight popup - if the option to skip members with existing JavaDoc is specified, all such members will be excluded from the membersí list.

See also: Productivity! Tools, Customizing Productivity!