Persistent Bookmarks - Pro!

JBuilder provides bookmark functionality that allows to set bookmark associated with particular line of the file and the return to it. However, JBuilder built-in implementation of the editor bookmarks has some drawback - all bookmarks are associated with editors, not with files, bookmarks are not persistent between JBuilder sessions etc.

The Persistent.Bookmarks tool included into Productivity! is free from drawbacks mentioned above and introduces advanced bookmarks concept and offers a lot of new possibilities.

Each bookmark is linked to a project (if any) and to a file and is hold its own location (as line number) in the file as well. Every bookmark can optionally contain the Description attribute those can be specified to allow easy identifying of particular bookmark.

There are two types of bookmarks are currently supported - persistent ones and temporary ones. All bookmarks with Persistent attribute enabled are stored to the IDE properties on JBuilder exit and, correspondently, all such bookmarks are loaded during the following JBuilder run. This behavior allows pointing to the most used files and easy navigating them anytime.

The following actions may be executed during navigating to a persistent bookmark:

  1. If particular bookmark contains reference to a project this project will be opened (if it does not opened yet) and activated;
  2. The file which bookmark refers to will be opened (if it does not) and activated;
  3. If bookmark location within file has a valid value, the editor will be scrolled to the bookmark' location.

Persistent bookmarks can be toggled and navigated using usual JBuilder shortcuts. Numbered bookmarks are supported too. The only way to navigate unnumbered bookmark is using the Persistent.Bookmarks.Navigate tool.

Another way of working with persistent bookmarks is using context menu on the editor gutter.

Bookmark Tooltip
Bookmark Tooltip


This tool allows easy navigation to any bookmark witing the bookmark list. Persistent.Bookmarks.Navigate can be invoked using the Ctrl+B (CUA) shortcut.


Manage Bookmarks Dialog

Productivity! provides rich functionality that allows bookmarks managing. The Manage Bookmarks Dialog allows maintaining the bookmarks list.

Manage Bookmarks Dialog
Manage Bookmarks Dialog

The Manage Bookmarks dialog can be invoked using the Edit | Manage Bookmarks menu item or using the editor gutter context menu.

This dialog provide the following controls which allows viewing and maintaining the bookmarks list:

Bookmarks Table

The Bookmarks Table shows the list of bookmarks. Each bookmark occupies one row in the table while each table's column represents particular attribute of bookmark. The Description and Persistent columns are editable. This allows specifying values of them using in-place editing capabilities. If Description attribute is specified, it will be displayed in the Persistent.Bookmarks.Navigate tool and will be shown as tool tip when mouse is placed over bookmark in the gutter. If bookmark's Persistent attribute is turned off, such a bookmark will not be stored on JBuilder exit.

Go To

The Go To button provides navigation to the currently selected bookmark without closing the dialog.


The Remove button allows removing of the bookmark is currently selected.

Remove All

The Remove All button removes of all bookmarks.

Move Up

The Move Up button allows moving currently selected bookmark up in the bookmarks list.

Move Down

The Move Down button allows moving currently selected bookmark down in the bookmarks list.

Please note that the Manage Bookmarks Dialog allows actual maintenance of bookmarks list so no changes can be discarded by closing this dialog.

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