Rename Assistant - Pro!

Rename Assistant is a tool intended to simplify identifiers renaming. It introduces "in-place" editing approach and let the user to enter a new name and then choose whether hi/she likes to refactor, simply rename or skip changes of identifier name. To see Rename Assistant in action just place the caret to an identifier you wish to rename and start renaming it simply by typing new name. Rename Assistant pops up right in the place of your identifier; you can recognize it by the lines shown on the top and bottom of identifier being renamed and Rename Assistant icon placed on gutter. When new name is entered it's possible to:

Rename Assistant
Rename Assistant

It's possible to tune Rename Assistant behavior using the Editor Preferences | Productivity! | Assistant property page. There is ability to quickly turn assistant on/off using the Enable Rename Assistant button on the view toolbar.

Please note that Rename Assistant works only if there are no syntax errors in the source code.

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