Advanced To-Do's - Pro!

The Advanced To-Do tool expands the concept of To-Do comments by treating them as tasks rather then simple entities those can hold only textual information. The following attributes can be assigned to To-Do task:

All these attributes are encoded in the body of To-Do, so concept of Advanced To Do's doesn't require using of any additional storage. Tools those work with To-Do's e.g. Advanced Java Structure View) are aware of having such attributes and are able to correctly show only description of To-Do comment.

Advanced To-Do and Assistant
Advanced To-Do and Assistant

Any custom attributes can be directly added or changed manually in the source code according to the supported syntax.

The most convenient way of working with To-Do's is using Task List. The Task List allows navigation to a selected To-Do, changing of any To-Do's attributes (certainly excluding file URL) and removing the To-Do from the source file.

The To-Do Assistant allows execution of the most helpful actions for the To-Do at the caret position. Those actions include Complete, Edit and Remove the current To-Do task.

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