Matching.Code.Highlight - Pro!

Java is well-structured language, but several statements exists that greatly decrease readability of the program - those ones, which break normal code, flow execution.

In some cases, especially if source code is written by another developer, it can be hard to understand to which statement, for example, break one points too. The situation become even worse if these break statement has label and labeled statement is far from break one. The Matching.Code.Highlight become really invaluable in such situations.

Matching.Code.Highlight tool provides help in source code exploration and helps to understand which code is matching to one at the caret position. In addition, this tool provides easy navigation to it.


It introduces the following features:

Options Dependency

The foreground color for Line Matching.Code.Highlight path can be customized using the Matching Code Path screen element from Editor Options | Color property page.

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