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Welcome to the jProductivity, LLC Press Kit. The Press Kit is a repository for jProductivity, LLC corporate and product information and graphics that you may download for press purposes or personal use in accordance with our image use agreement and copyrights.


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In the News: "Software Protection Strategies for Developers" article published at Tucows.


In every weak economy, some software developers lose sales, while others build their businesses. By locking pirates out of your software, you can dramatically increase your chances of weathering economic downturns. Here are some insights into protecting your software, and keeping your income stream intact...

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Latest Article: Licensing and Protection Strategies for Software Publishers


Analysts and CIOs agree that flexible licensing and intellectual property protection are two of the key strategic investments a software publisher can make in these troubled times. Developers and publishers that use trusted licensing solutions now can "do more with less", turning financial woe into an opportunity to improve company operations, while making an immediate and positive impact on the bottom line.

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