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Productivity! Evaluation Key

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Please use the following links to request Productivity! evaluation key file (please note that key file should correspond to edition you've downloaded). Upon request, an e-mail will be sent to you with the requested evaluation key.

Edition Key
 Productivity!  Pro v.2.x productivityPro.key
 Productivity!  Std v.2.x productivity.key
 Productivity!  Pro v.1.x productivityPro.key
 Productivity!  Std v.1.x productivity.key

The key file should be located into the same directory as one used by JBuilder for storing it's preferences and license. Location of this directory depends on operating system you are using.

Please browse to your profile directory (you may find it using the Home button in JBuilder Open File dialog). Within your home directory you'll find .jbuilder2005 directory (.jbuilderX, .jbuilder9, .jbuilder8 etc., depending on your version of JBuilder). The key file needs to be copied to this directory.

Another way to find location where Productivity!  key file should be placed is by starting JBuilder with installed Productivity! . If there is no key file, Productivity!   will inform you about this fact using appropriate message dialog. You may find location of the key file in that dialog.

To install key file, please copy received productivity.key (or productivityPro.key for Professional Edition) file to location described above.

If you've already evaluated Productivity! and like to extend evaluation period, please contact us using productivity@jproductivity.com.

Thank you for evaluating Productivity!