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Protection! Sales

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Protection! Sales Control Center

Protection! Sales - an optional product that is designed and targeted for the sales staff. It provides the users with advanced licenses generation, maintenance and delivery functionality.

Protection! Sales provides several ways for integration with other systems. The orders parsing functionality allows integration with third-party ordering and payments systems. Integration with CRM and SAF systems can be achieved with help of logging all the licensing activates.

There are two new abilities for licenses delivery introduced by Protection! Sales: by e-mail and via Protection! Backend. Those ways greatly simplifies licenses distribution tasks especially when combined with the Protection! Enterprise.

Protection! Sales simplifies working with Serial Numbers by allowing bulk generation of them, generation of licenses for passed Serial Numbers etc. There is ability to generate licenses using preconfigured attributes stored in the license aliases. The activation keys composing (for provided attributes like host or Mac address) and validation of de-activation keys functionality provide strong foundation for support of Named User Licensing Model.

With the advanced license generation functionality, Protection! Sales offers exceptional ease of use when it comes to license generations, deployment and management tasks.

Protection! Sales BenefitsProtection! Sales Benefits

  • Powerful solution for the sales staff.
  • Advanced license generation, deployment and management functionality.
  • Ability to use different license delivery methods.
  • Seamless integration with Protection! Enterprise.
  • Ability to integrate with e-commerce, CRM and SFA systems.

Protection! Sales Features Protection! Sales Features

  • Ability to view and maintain License Storages.
  • Ability to store customer attributes into the license.
  • Ability to use specified License Alias to provide default license attributes during creation of the new licenses.
  • Ability to manage multiple Protection! Backend connections.
  • Ability to construct Activation Keys using known end-user attributes i.e. MAC address, host name, user name, etc.
  • Ability to create unlimited number of new licenses and view attributes for the previously generated licenses.
  • Ability to specify customer attributes using the Customer tab (for logging).
  • License Shortcuts shown in the Shortcuts Side Bar to allow quick creation of licenses with predefined set of attributes.
  • Ability to specify custom properties for the license.
  • Support for the license's default custom properties for each individual product.
  • Ability to distribute licenses via e-mail.
  • Ability to deliver licenses via the Protection! Backend.
  • Ability to parse product's sales orders.
  • Ability to log the licenses delivery process in a comma-delimited format.
  • Ability to validate Deactivation Key.
  • Ability to open licenses and product's sales orders for parsing parse by using Drag&Drop.
  • Ability to generate Serial Number(s) - single or in bulk.
  • Ability to restore license attributes for a given Serial Number.