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Today, software piracy is a growing problem that affects every development company. Gone are the days when software was solely pre-installed by the vendors. Modern software is frequently delivered over the Internet. Although the Internet has become a reliable distribution medium, it has also raised several important issues. One important concern being presented is "how to reduce unauthorized use of a particular application" - A question being asked by anyone who finds themselves distributing their applications.

Software protection is applicable to all levels of software publishers - from single "lone wolf" developers to major corporations. Piracy is indiscriminate and affects all levels of software products from shareware product to complete Enterprise Suites. If your software does more than just convert Celsius to Fahrenheit - you can bet that someone will attempt to break it.

Protection! Licensing Toolkit for Java, delivers a powerful and feature-rich licensing solution. Protection! provides a Licensing Toolkit that can be embedded into custom applications or components to prohibit unlicensed use. Protection! features robust functionalities enabling developers to securely distribute their applications to end-users.

Protection! - Makes a Difference

Protection! Licensing Toolkit for Java solves complex licensing challenges. Developers using Protection! are able to build and distribute their application with the peace of mind that the unauthorized use of their applications is minimized, thereby resulting in the recovery of potentially lost revenues.

Outstanding ease of use and Easy Embedding

Effortlessly, within minutes, embedding of the Protection! support into any custom application or components. Protection! includes a set of handy classes to work with both GUI and server type of applications.

Wealth of Licensing Models

Variety of Named and Floating user models, trial versions, and grace periods allows covering a wide range of licensing needs for any level of development company, "Lone Wolf" developers to an enterprise corporations alike.


Ready-to-use Assistant dialogs - invoked either automatically or manually from within the custom applications to aid the users in the process of obtaining, upgrading and activating their licenses…


Feature-rich set of functionalities including strong license file encryption, multiple, per license, features configurations, powerful license reading and validation issues resolver mechanism; and much more...

Licensing Server

Licensing Server - responsible for centralized license management, distribution, and tracking of the concurrent license use. Licensing Server's Management Console - a powerful GUI application intended for remote monitoring and management of the Licensing Server(s)

Web Services

Ready-to-Deploy Web Services application with support for remote licenses generation and activation, as well as the ability to create custom archives for Web Services applications without the need to understand Web Services development and deployment.

Control Center

Control Center application designed to facilitate product maintenance with the ability to create an unlimited number of products and feature sets for each of the product, the ability to generate new or read existing licenses, generate ready-to-build Java code snippets…

Protection! Sales

Protection! Sales provides sales staff with the ability to execute usual licensing functions like generating licenses, delivering licenses via e-mail or Protection! Backend, working with Serial Numbers, orders parsing, processing license activation and deactivation…


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