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  Protection! Developer Control Center

Protection! Developer is the core product of the Protection! Licensing Toolkit. Protection! Developer provides software developers and publishers with the Software Development Kit (SDK), documentation, samples and the set of feature-rich tools necessary to add licensing and intellectual property protection support into their custom applications. Integration of Protection! into custom application will prohibit their illegal deployments and unlicensed use. With the help of Protection! Developer it is also possible to develop custom licensing backend implementations. Protection! Developer also provides ability to perform basic license generation activities.

Protection! offers exceptional ease of use and easy embedding of licensing and intellectual property protection code into your applications. Software developers and software publishers are able effortlessly, within minutes; embed all necessary licensing support into their applications. Desktop, Server and Web application types are supported right out-of-the-box and auto-generated, ready-to-use implementation code templates could be added into the applications in minutes.

Protection! Developer's Control Center application that facilitates software developers in all and any product maintenance needs; providing ability to create unlimited number of products and feature sets for each product; the ability to generate new and read existing licenses; and much more…

Protection! Licensing Toolkit for Java, delivers a powerful and feature-rich licensing solution. Protection! features robust functionalities enabling developers to securely distribute their applications to end-users.

Protection! Enterprise BenefitsProtection! Developer Benefits

  • Fast and straightforward implementation of licensing support into the custom applications
  • Full control over all licensing processes
  • Powerful and flexible API
  • Extensive documentation
  • Powerful but yet simple configuration using Control Center
  • Utilize best implementation practices and easily detect common configuration errors with the help of the Audit Module
  • Full support for Desktop, Server and Web applications
  • Royalty free distribution of protected applications
  • Multiplatform Support
  • Low TCO and exceptional ROI

Protection! offers a comprehensive set of features and functions providing developers with full control over any and all licensing issues including, but not limited to, the following:

Protection! Developer Features

Variety of Licensing Models

Protection! provides several user licensing models such as Named User licensing model that locks the license to a specific computer system and Floating User licensing model allowing multiple concurrent users within the same license. Vendors are free to choose several ways to support different User Licensing Models: centralized - based on Licensing Server or Protection! Backend, decentralized - based on the network broadcast or direct involvement of the sales staff.

Grace period support allows publishers of subscription-based software to define a specified number of days past a payment deadline before service stops.

The presence of multiple licensing models can also open up additional opportunities by enabling developers and publishers to explore different sales models. Limited-use/limited-functionality demonstration versions, subscription and rental-based choices, transaction-based sales, and online product upgrades are just some of the ideas that are available.

Trial Versions Support

Protection! provides support for trial and demonstration versions with the ability to specify evaluation and grace periods for each product. Trial Version support makes it possible to embed the license directly into the application. Such functionality opens up additional distribution opportunities, for example, enabling developers and publishers to create CD-ROMs containing trial and demonstration versions of their applications.

Easy Embedding

Quick and easy embedding into a custom application with the help of built-in or custom code snippets that can be saved as ready to use java implementation files.

Licenses Encryption

Protection! uses a strong asymmetric encryption algorithm to encrypt its licenses. This makes license files an extremely hard to break and eliminates the ability to generate licenses by extracting the encryption key from within the protected application.

Helpful Assistants Dialogs

Protection! includes a feature-rich set of Assistants that can be easily invoked from within the custom applications to aid users in the process of obtaining, upgrading and activating their licenses.

Control Center Application

Protection! includes a powerful Control Center GUI application designed to facilitate product maintenance with the ability to create an unlimited number of products and feature sets for each of the products. Protection! Control Center functionality includes the ability to generate new or read existing licenses, work with Serial Numbers, generate ready-to-build Java code snippets and specify an application's classes/resources that must be protected from potential patching techniques.

Product Audit

Product Audit is a feature of Control Center application responsible for automated checking of currently selected product for errors, option conflicts and potential issues depending on the selected target (Code Snippet).

License Activation Support

Protection! includes a mechanism for activating the user license through user registration. By providing details during the registration/activation process, the publisher can track actual deployment of the application-especially valuable for trial applications with bundled evaluation licenses.

Web Services Support

Protection! provides ready-to-deploy Web Services application with built-in support for remote license generation and activation. Through the Licensing Fa?ade Configuration dialog, Protection! Control Center presents developers with the ability to visually specify properties for Protection! Web Services application, including plug-in and database connection attributes, email and email templates, as well as the ability to create custom archives for the Web Services applications without the need to understand Web Services development.

Powerful Backend Development Support

Protection! includes rich API for building powerful back-ends and offers a default implementation as a foundation for effortlessly building custom back-ends that are exported through Web Services, RMI or other remote invocation technology.

Protection! Backend is designed to automate all of the manual licensing functions as well as provide the ability to tie Protection! Backend to *ANY* back-office systems (CRM, SFA, Databases, ERP, etc).

Protection! Developer includes the ability for developers to architect, implement and test their backend solution without the need for a commercial deployment license. The following are few limitations that will be applied:

  • Every license generated will have an embedded expiration.
  • Protection! Backend cannot be deployed to any production environment and can only be used in the development environment.

To deploy Protection! Backend Application for commercial use a valid Protection! Backend Deployment license needs to be purchased.

Main Features of the Protection! Backend

  • API for the license maintenance and generation
  • Core functionality for building integrated back-ends to allow remote license generation and activation
  • Powerful default backend implementation which provides a foundation for building custom back-office integration systems
  • Plug-in support to allow easy extension of the default back-end implementation
  • Logging of all major backend activities using provided Log4J implementation with ability to specify custom logger implementation by plug-in developers.
  • Ready-to-deploy Protection! Web Services application

Plug-ins Support

Protection! Backend Plug-ins support offers the possibility to easily extend default built-in implementation to allow for additional functionalities such as tracking of the licenses generation and activation processes.

Multiple Products' Features Configurations

Protection! offers multiple products' features configurations that are linked to the specific type of license and the license state granted to the user. This feature enables the creation of multi-level software products (e.g., Basic, Standard, or Scientific), each with its own rules (e.g., Commercial, Evaluation, Expired Commercial, Expired Evaluation, Invalid License, etc.)

Full Control

Utilizing a simple, yet powerful, event model, Protection! provides developers with the ability to get full control over the process of locating, reading and validating the licenses.

Integrity Verification

Protection! Integrity verification subsystem allows for checking and validation that the designated key classes/resources/files of the product have not been changed. Protection! Integrity subsystem significantly increases the time and effort needed to diagnose and locate specific parts of the protected system in order to attempt to
break it.