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Components! distributes electronically. Customers will be sent an e-mail with instructions within 24-72 hours.

Components!  Pricing

Components! JavaBeans are royalty free and priced per developer. "Royalty free" means that you can deploy as many applications (build with Components!) to as many of your customers as you want. There’s no hidden extra cost, no per seat costs or per server licensing. "Priced per developer" means that all developers working with the Components! at any given time need to have one license per Components! each.

Product License Type Price
Components! Calendar New $69
Components! Calculator New $69
Components! Calendar & Calculator New $99

Please contact sales@jproductivity.com for purchase inquiry.

Please note that you can purchase  Components! through one of our resellers.

Volume Licensing

Increase your purchasing power by ordering jProductivity Products in volume through our volume licensing option. Whether you're a large enterprise, small business, educational institution, or government agency, these programs let you combine orders of jProductivity's software products. The bottom line - the more you order, the more you
save! For more information please contact sales@jproductivity.com . If you'd like to purchase a number of licenses, jProductivity will offer you volume discounts. Please see the table below for discount details.

 Number of Copies    Discount 
1-5 0%
6-15 5%
16-50 10%
more than 50 15%

Licensing grants you rights to obtain minor version updates and defect fixes free of charge until the release of the next major version (2.0).