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"Software Protection Strategies for Developers" article published at Tucows.

In every weak economy, some software developers lose sales, while others build their businesses. By locking pirates out of your software, you can dramatically increase your chances of weathering economic downturns. Here are some insights into protecting your software, and keeping your income stream intact.

Now more than ever, organizations must find a way to cut costs and increase their revenue streams, quickly and dramatically, in order to weather the onslaught of this global economic crisis...

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Java Corner article, published in Programmers Paradise magazine:
Lock It How You Would Like It - Or how to keep freeloaders from your Java applications.

Contrary to what some would assert, software piracy is not a victimless crime. Like shoplifters in a retail store, those who steal software code are making off with a real and measurable asset-in this case, the seller's intellectual property. What's more, although large brand-name vendors present more visible and appealing targets for hackers, small software providers are just as likely to fall victim to this serious crime.

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Technical Brief in Programmers Paradise

The Technical Brief, published in Programmers Paradise magazine, outlines the powerful Protection! Licensing Framework for Java feature set. It also demonstrates how Protection! can help developers and publishers to build and distribute their applications with the peace of mind that the unauthorized use of their applications is minimized, thereby translating to the recovery of potentially lost revenues.

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