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Press Release 06/17/2009


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jProductivity partnered with Oracle expands Protection! Licensing Toolkit offerings and announces integration with Oracle CRM On Demand.

New York, NY — (June, 2009)

jProductivity, a leading provider of multi-platform intellectual property protection and licensing software solutions, today announced a new Protection! Connect(tm) implementation to support Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle's industry-leading on demand CRM service

Following on the heels of jProductivity's announcement of Protection! Connect, this integration with Oracle CRM On Demand continues jProductivity's effort to expand its offering to provide a complete portfolio of services and tools for every stage of the marketing, sales and licensing process.

This integration helps companies that need easy-to-use on-demand CRM functionality for their sales and marketing efforts by combining all relevant customer and licensing information from Protection! Enterprise and Oracle CRM On Demand.

With Oracle CRM On Demand integration, Protection! Enterprise provides a centralized platform for aligning the needs of marketing and sales teams - enabling sales and marketing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their efforts by leveraging a single data source across the organization.

"Our Protection! Enterprise customers have been requesting integration with Oracle CRM On Demand as it brings a holistic view of the sales pipeline to sales and executive managers," said Alexander Krivov, CEO of jProductivity. "Integration between Protection! Enterprise and Oracle CRM On Demand provides our customers with the ability to perform greater sales analytics and make them more effective in connecting with existing and potential customers. It also improves customer interactions and provides additional insights into their customer base."

"After a thorough evaluation of industry leading CRM solutions, we've selected Oracle CRM On Demand to build the first Protection! Connect implementation, not only because Oracle CRM On Demand provides interactive dashboards, advanced analytics, email campaigns, and superior and easy-to-use functionality," added Krivov "but also because the hosted model allows for rapid deployment with no up-front IT investment."

Protection! Connect for Oracle CRM On Demand is scheduled for release in Q3 2009. Licensing terms and pricing options will be announced later.

About Protection! Licensing Toolkit

Protection! Licensing Toolkit empowers software developers to implement robust licensing features into their applications, while providing a friendly and non-invasive environment to their end-users.

For more detailed information about features, upgrade policies and pricing please visit: http://www.jproductivity.com/.

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