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Press Release 12/14/2004


jProductivity, LLC


jProductivity Launches Productivity! 2.5,
Featuring JBuilder 2005 Support

Unique IDE Enhancement for Borland JBuilder Includes New
Source Code Spell Check, Numerous Speed/Usability Improvements

NEW YORK, NY — ( December 14th, 2004) — jProductivity, a leading provider of Java-based software development tools that enhance productivity and protect intellectual property, today announced the release of Productivity! Version 2.5, the latest update to jProductivity's popular IDE (Integrated Development Environment) enhancement for Borland JBuilder. 

    With Productivity! 2.5, users now have complete interoperability with JBuilder 2005, Borland's industry-leading development environment for Java applications.  Productivity! 2.5 also includes numerous improvements that increase speed, convenience and accuracy for Java software developers, including a new spell check feature for source code that emphasizes Java-specific language.

    "jProductivity is committed to providing the most efficient development environment for Java programmers.  That commitment includes constantly updating Productivity! to take advantage of the latest industry developments," said Gregory Ledenev, chief technical officer of jProductivity.  "Version 2.5 of Productivity! is another valuable step in that process, allowing our many users to utilize the benefits of JBuilder 2005 while also enjoying the rich toolset Productivity! provides."

    Since its introduction in 2001, Productivity! has become a favorite IDE enhancement for Java developers due to its wide range of features that reduce repetitive tasks and increase accuracy.  Statistics have shown that Productivity! increases coding output anywhere from 30% to 50% depending on the project complexity, tasks and customer knowledge, giving the product one of the best ROI in the software industry. 

Spell Check

    Among a wide range of other usability enhancements, the new spell check tool in Productivity! 2.5 adds to programming quality and speed by letting developers quickly check source code, comments and strings for accuracy.  The feature's "Java-smart" capability allows users to check common Java terms, ensure accuracy of identifiers' names by correctly finding key words in each name, and scan JavaDoc comments while skipping HTML tags.   What's more, Productivity! 2.5's spell check also effectively preserves the consistency of source code by refactoring identifiers during name changes. 


    Productivity! has been created based on the experiences and feedback of hundreds of Java developers, enabling programmers to write clean, highly modular, easily expandable and well maintained code.  With Productivity!, users can concentrate on system design that employs favorite design patterns and code quality, rather than on routine code operations. 
Productivity! 2.5 includes a host of tools and shortcuts to improve efficiency.  For example, favorite code fragments can be reused, super interfaces can be added, and super classes changed in several simple steps.  Productivity! instantly makes coders aware of any errors, then provides immediate assistance in resolving them.  Productivity! is also the only IDE enhancement in the market with a unique "auto-fix" facility that makes fixing certain types of errors fast and easy.

    Productivity! automatically avoids annoying dialogs and wizards that impede the coding process, while enabling users to navigate freely through classes, methods and fields.  Help on classes and methods is quickly available where needed.  Methods and constructors can be overridden with just a couple of mouse clicks, and access methods can be added to fields quickly.

    To shorten learning time for legacy or third-party code, Productivity! provides rich navigation and information capabilities, including convenient hyperlinks, to learn and understand code as the user types.  Imports can be added to programs automatically without typing.  Even source code documentation is easier to make, thanks to the documentation design feature that includes rich formatting capabilities to improve the look and feel of text.  Finally, Productivity! helps developers plan and execute their projects with a built-in Task List.

    Whether the user is a programming manager who wants to significantly increase the productivity of his or her team, or a lone programmer who wants to cut through the overhead and annoyances of developing Java applications, Productivity! 2.5 and can powerfully increase application development efficiency.  Companies can further increase output with jProductivity's Productivity! Pro, a premium version that includes additional code generation tools, powerful IDE improvements, editor enhancements and options, and navigation tools.  To learn more about Productivity! Pro, visit the jProductivity website.

Pricing and Availability

    Productivity! 2.5 is currently available as a free upgrade from Productivity! 2.0.  The application is platform independent and requires Borland JBuilder 2005.  Versions of Productivity! are also available for earlier versions of JBuilder. 

Productivity! 2.5 is priced at $99.00 (USD), while Productivity! Pro is available for $189.00.  Multi-user discounts are available.  For more information, or to download a trial version of Productivity! 2.5, visit www.jproductivity.com.

About jProductivity, L.L.C.:

jProductivity, L.L.C. develops and markets productivity tools for software developers. In addition to Protection!, the company also offers Productivity! For JBuilder, a comprehensive collection of tools for enterprise Java development; and Components!, a robust collection of sophisticated components for JFC/Swing. Visit jProductivity on the World Wide Web at www.jproductivity.com.


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