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Press Release 11/09/2004


jProductivity, LLC


jProductivity Unveils Protection! Pro, Providing
Enhanced Licensing Protection For Java Applications

Feature-Rich Product Offers Ability to Lock User License to Specific Hardware or System; Floating License, Web Services Support, Other Capabilities Also Included

NEW YORK, NY — ( November 9th, 2004) — jProductivity, a leading provider of Java-based software development tools that enhance productivity and protect intellectual property, today announced Protection! Pro, the company’s most comprehensive automated licensing framework yet for Java software applications. Ideal for the needs of mid-range software providers, Protection! Pro offers a number of advanced licensing protection capabilities, most notably “named-user” license support that ties user licenses to a specific, hardware-based attribute of the user’s system.

Protection! Pro builds on the features of Protection!, jProductivity’s original licensing framework for custom Java applications. Like Protection!, Protection! Pro is easily embedded into any application or delivery mechanism, from CD-based software to web-delivered products. However, Protection! Pro also adds new features that allow developers to match the business needs of their customers, protect their own intellectual property, and deploy licenses through Web services and/or RMI (Remote Method Invocation). Key enhancements in Protection! Pro include:

  • Variety of Licensing Models such as “named-user” licensing that locks the license to a network card MAC address or other, user-definable, attribute, “floating” licensing model allowing multiple concurrent users within the same license, and “grace period” support wherein publishers of subscription-based software can define a specified number of days past a payment deadline before service stops;
  • License Activation Support , an optional requirement for activating the user license through user registration. By providing details during the registration/activation process, the publisher can track actual deployment of the application—especially valuable for trial applications with bundled evaluation licenses;
  • Web Services Support , which gives developers the ability to visually specify properties for Protection! Pro Web services applications, including general, plug-in, database options, email and email templates, using the Licensing Façade Configuration dialogue, as well as the ability to create custom archives for Web services applications without the need to understand Web services development;
  • Powerful Back-End Development Support , offering a default implementation as a foundation for easily building custom back-ends that are exported through RMI or Web services;
  • Plug-ins Support to allow easy extension of default implementations;
  • Multiple Feature Configurations that are linked to the specific type of license and state granted to the user. This feature enables the creation of multi-level software products (e.g., Basic, Standard, or Scientific), each with its own rules (e.g., Commercial, Evaluation, Expired Commercial, Expired Evaluation, Invalid License, etc.)

In addition, Protection! Pro offers a Resolver feature that can be used to intercept and fix any issue that occurs during license reading and/or validation, as well as a series of Licensing Wizards to simplify rules for license activation, evaluation, and upgrades both online and offline.

“Protection! Pro is a highly flexible product that not only makes the licensing process easier but also protects the developer’s property with a degree of customization never before available,” said Alexander Krivov, chief executive officer of jProductivity. “Protection! Pro can be used with any kind of application, through any deployment mechanism, enabling the developer to securely and reliably meet the business requirements of both the buyer and the seller.”

Pricing and Availability

Protection! Pro is verified for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Solaris/SPARC/x86, and Linux (Red Hat/SuSE). As a Java-based product, Protection! Pro is designed to work on any platform with support for Java 1.4.

Protection! Pro, available in Nobember 2004, is priced at $699 for a single-user license per developer, with multi-user discounts available. No additional cost is incurred for distributing protected applications.

For 30 days only, jProductivity is also offering upgrades from Protection! Standard at a special upgrade price of $199 per user license—$200 off the normal $399 upgrade price. Introductory pricing for back-end (server/CPU) deployments is $1,149; distribution of Protection! Libraries—those embedded into the protected application—are royalty-free.

For more information, visit www.jproductivity.com.

About jProductivity, L.L.C.:

jProductivity, L.L.C. develops and markets productivity tools for software developers. In addition to Protection!, the company also offers Productivity! For JBuilder, a comprehensive collection of tools for enterprise Java development; and Components!, a robust collection of sophisticated components for JFC/Swing. Visit jProductivity on the World Wide Web at www.jproductivity.com.


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