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Press Release 06/03/2004

  For Immediate Release

jProductivity, LLC


Save Development Time with Powerful Calendar and Calculator Components

jProductivity, L.L.C. has launched its Components! collection of sophisticated JavaBeans by releasing Calendar and Calculator components for JFC/Swing. These
comprehensive presentation layer components are designed for speed and flexibility, with advanced features and powerful performance. While all jProductivity components
can be dropped on the form and used immediately, they are also highly customizable and extendible.

Calendar and Calculator components validate data on the fly, protecting the developer and the end-user from accidental data corruption. Because all jProductivity
components are one hundred percent Java, they can be used in any visual application environment, from web to desktop application.

The Calendar component contains three types of calendar: First, there is a simple monthly calendar with navigation by mouse and keyboard arrows. Second, a monthly
calendar with full-featured navigation options includes navigation using arrow keys, Home/End buttons, mouse clicks, the mouse wheel, Page Up/Page Down buttons, or by
using the calendar's built-in navigation buttons. Third, there is a multiple-month calendar whose display is user customizable. There is even a Date Field component
with Popup Month Calendar, allowing the user to show, enter, and validate the date.

With all three calendars, you can easily manipulate properties such as font style, tool tip text, colors for weekdays, weekends, borders, and backgrounds, and much
more. The calendar displays information in a way that is appropriate to the selected locale. For example, Russian calendars show Sunday as the last day of the week,
while North American calendars show Sunday as the first day.

The Calculator component performs any of the standard operations for which a user would normally use a handheld memory calculator. The calculator performs the standard
arithmetic functions, as well as calculating reciprocals and square roots. The Calculator can be easily extended to perform any type of unary or binary calculations.

The calculator has a built-in memory, and keys that clear memory, add to or subtract from memory, and display memory. While internal calculations are performed with
eleven decimal digit accuracy, you can control the number of digits that are displayed.

By using jProductivity Components! such as Calendar and Calculator, developers can save time and money creating modern, powerful, and polished Java GUI applications.

The Calendar and Calculator components are based on Java and will work on any platform with support for Java 1.4. Calendar and Calculator cost $69 each, and the
two-component bundle is available for $99.

For more information, contact:

jProductivity, L.L.C.,
275 Madison Avenue,
New York, NY 10016 USA

Email: press@jproductivity.com
Internet: http://www.jproductivity.com

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Evaluation Copy Available on Request

About jProductivity, L.L.C.:

jProductivity, L.L.C. develops and markets productivity tools for software developers. In addition to Components!, the company also offers Productivity! For JBuilder,
a comprehensive collection of tools for enterprise Java development; Protection!, a licensing framework for Java that ensures that users adhere to the terms of your
applications' licensing agreements; and Papyrus!, a document management system that will be available in the autumn of 2004.